GC 2014: Fable Legends trailer and beta announcement!

One year after the announcement of Fable Legends from the last Gamescom event, the beta start date has been revealed! Starting this October 16th you can submerse yourself into the world of Fable, and you can sign up for the beta today.

Fable Legends is powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, allowing four players to wreak havoc or assert justice together in the lands of Albion. Like in previous versions of the Fable series, players will be able to choose to be “good” or “evil”, with weapons, appearances, and summons tailored for each alignment.

While we still await an announcement of the official release date of Fable Legends for the Xbox One, you can at least be assured a slot for all the mayhem coming this Autumn. Once everything is worked out, Microsoft is shooting for a lofty 5-10 years worth of multiplayer goodness. Watch the official trailer below and sign up for that beta!