Blizzard to Memorialize Robin Williams in WoW




As a way to pay tribute to a man that has brought so much joy and laughter to people all over the world, fans on Monday, after hearing of his untimely passing, began a petition on to respectfully request that Blizzard Entertainment immortalize Williams in the World of Warcraft game as an in-game NPC.

Blizzard has since responded by tweeting at Robin Williams’ Twitter account today: “[email protected] Thank you. You gave us so much joy in our lives, and we hope you enjoyed your time in our world. We’ll see you in-game.”

They haven’t stated just how they plan to add Williams to the game at this point but you can rest assured that it will be fitting of one of the funniest comedians of our time.

It is widely known that Williams was a huge fan of videogames and he often admitted to being a big fan of WoW, playing on its Mannoroth server.  He was such an avid fan of videogames that he named his daughter Zelda after The Legend of Zelda’s titular character.

Rest in peace, my friend.