TVGB Weekend Digest / New look with the same greatness!


It’s been a busy month for us here at That VideoGame Blog. If you cannot tell already, the website has been redesigned to get a cleaner and more modern look. Do not worry though, the content will still be the same: awesome and easy to digest.

We also experienced a slight change with the team, with Arthur Damian stepping up to be the new Executive Editor and Aaron Fronda joining the team.

Now on to the video game news this week. Gamescom 2014 has given us some really exciting news (and some might feel frustrating). First, we finally get a date (may be tentative) for Fable Legends beta. We also get a confirmation from Microsoft that the anticipated Lara Croft title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will be an Xbox One exclusive. Microsoft also stated that the exclusive will launch in late 2015.

Finally, the creators of Dying Light revealed in its latest trailer that the game will feature four-play cooperative play.

David Logan and Noe Ponce wrote a review on two latest games, a revamp of a classic platformer that follows the story of Abe and a very difficult (toned down with a just released patched) 2D point-and-click adventure.

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The staff would also like to commend Blizzard for immortalizing the late great comedian, Robin Williams, in the World of Warcraft.