GTA Online takes off with Flight School Update

Grand Theft Auto Online soars to new altitudes this weekend, August 22-24, thanks to the San Andreas Flight School update. Never content to rest on their laurels, Rockstar Games once again, cranks up the voltage on their flagship series. Expect thrills and exhilaration like never before during this flight and fight weekend.

The update unveils an entire new collection of land and air vehicles, as well as ten new solo missions and a host of other fresh features that will bring your best Evel Knievel and Chuck Yeager out. Additionally, look forward to improved payouts for more difficult missions and GTA$ bonuses for cooperative play. The trailer might just put you into a tailspin. Gear up in your G-suit to get ready for the stomach-in-the-throat Flight School action, which guarantees enjoying the bounty of fresh add-ons.

The three action packed days showcase an exclusive Parachute Pack unlock, deep discounts from San Andreas businesses (25% off select properties), bonus event crate drops, double GTA$ for races and parachuting, and under the bridge RP bonuses. Not enough for flight clearance? Tack on gang attack RP bonuses, free plane/heli locate & discount heli pickups, and an event sweepstakes giveaway, which will all have you reaching for your oxygen mask.

The adrenaline injection pumps in on Friday, August 22 at 4-6pm EST, with an official Rockstar Livestream featuring special guests Little & Cubed. As soon as you get online, your lead foot will be out and your aviators on. Expect this high flying update to take your gaming beyond March 5.