Albion Online releases engaging new teasers

Ramping up for their upcoming launch of the alpha test version of Albion Online, developer Sandbox Interactive has unveiled the latest round of enhancements to the MMO. With its dynamic blend of PVP and GVG warfare, as well as long term strategic action, Albion Online surely will entice MMO and RPG fans. Albion Online premieres September, 15th, but until then, stave off your impatience with these just released, slick game features.

Sandbox Interactive seems to know a thing or two about teasing MMO/RPG addicts. Their 23rd hour reveal highlights a handful of engaging and fun additions. Among a number of improvements, Albion Online now offers mounts, guild alliances, player cities and faster travel. Albion’s MMO world has grown significantly since its last development phase, making mounts a must.

Players now have both horses and oxen at their disposal. Horses can transport players around the massive world rapidly, while oxen can carry heavy loads of goods and resources players need to construct buildings, towns and weapons. As much as weapons are vital to the game, diplomacy may also be an equally effective tactic. Guilds now have the ability to enter into alliances with other guilds, to help broaden their influence around the world. However, players still maintain their own autonomy, while preserving their free will in the MMO through player cities.

Player cities begin as barren tracts of land that are open game for conquering and sieges, while being governed by the players themselves. Other players may buy land in these cities and erect buildings. Ultimately the player cities provide a lucrative revenue stream for the governing guild as the guild receives a share of the players’ plot upkeep charges and fees. Guilds have to protect these valuable wealth generators, as competing guilds will look to take them by force, laying siege to them in battles of up to 40 players. Fortunately, if your guild becomes displaced, you now have a viable way to get out of town quickly.

The world of Albion has added the ability to travel fast by way of ship. Search for a harbor, barter your way onto the ship and choose your destination port. Be careful though, as if you have a heavy inventory, your fare will increase accordingly. Also beware that your goods can’t be insured by the ship’s captain, so travel is limited to regions with no PVP threat. Although troublesome, this attention to small details does a great job bolstering realism. Sandbox Interactive doesn’t skimp on the details either.

Players can expect new and improved maps, retooled castle sieges and a very neat and complex player housing system. Players can decorate their homes all the way down to beds, tables, trophies and chests, all of which directly influence your character.

Check out the Albion Online forum for a full list of improvements and additions. If all this isn’t enough to wet your whistle, then head over to YouTube and watch the Albion Online trailer. Be forewarned, as once you check into Albion, you may never check out, as the addictive potential looks to have you both couch and screen locked.

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