To the Moon is a hidden gem offered on Steam. I was pointed to it from a friend who simply said, “You should play this game, it will make you cry.” I was hesitant at first, as no other game has really come close to making me feel any outward emotions (you know, being all manly and all). Still, I went into it with an open mind.
The first thing that struck me was the simple graphics the game utilized. Nothing fancy, only a retro-style top-down view. No 3D, and simple controls. Next came the soundtrack, and this is where my heart began to be won. As a long-time fan of Braid, I love game soundtracks that really put me into the game. And this one did (I bought the soundtrack, too).
The story starts with a team of scientists visiting a terminally ill old man. Their job is to make that dying person’s final wish come true, and they do this using technology in which they can manipulate a person’s memories so as to make them believe that their wish has come true. You learn the history of this old man and why his final wish is to go “to the moon.” You’ll explore his memories in a fun way that makes this game very story-driven.
I won’t give any more of the plot away, as I want you to experience it for yourself. The story really pulls you in, and I needed to finish it as soon as I could. It’s a short one (three hours) but every minute is incredibly enjoyable. Be prepared for some emotions tugging on those heartstrings in a way you never would have predicted.
With a one-of-a-kind story, amazing soundtrack, and lasting impression, I love this game. Cons come from the shortness and the low amount of replayability, but these are slight compared to the big picture. I give this beauty a 9.5/10, with a hope they finish the sequel soon.
If you have a heart, To The Moon will touch it like few games can
  • 9.5/10
    - 9.5/10


To The Moon is all about the story, but what a story it is. Elegant. Engaging. And above all heartfelt.