Xbox One sells only 23,562 units in Japan during week one launch


Xbox One

Sad news for the Xbox One as reports are coming in that the next gen console has sold a mere 23,562 units in Japan during its opening launch week. The news comes courtesy of Famitsu and further corroborated by DualSHOCKERS, who analyzed some of the recent week one selling trends for previous consoles in Japan thanks to NeoGAF.

The second lowest selling console in Japan during its first week release was the Xbox 360, which sold more than double that of Xbox One (62,135 units), but this was also during a 2 day period. The data being reported for Xbox One is over a 4 day period, making the news a bit tougher to swallow for Microsoft.

For comparison, the PS4 moved 322,083 units during a 2 day period.

It is still just the first week, and things could change over the coming months. However, there are also observations made by DualSHOCKERS that handheld gaming is becoming much more the norm in Japan, and Microsoft doesn’t have a portable system like the Vita to rely on enhancing sales through console/handheld integration.

We’ll continue to follow this story as monthly numbers start rolling in, but so far, it just doesn’t look good for the green giant.