Ace Attorney Prequel gets new trailer at Tokyo Game Show

Capcom have revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Ace Attorney prequel, The Great Ace Attorney at the Tokyo Game Show.

Set during the Meiji era of Japan, attorney-in-training Ryunosuke Naurhodou, ancestor of Phoenix Wright, travels to England along with his assistant, Susato Mikotoba, where he meets Sherlock Holmes and his partner, the young genius, Iris Watson.

The trailer shows off one of the new features of the game: deductive reasoning, which sees Holmes use his infamous detective skills to analyse Susato, with Ryunosuke butting in to bring in his own deductions.

The game will be out in Japan in early 2015. Still no word on a Western release but given the series’ popularity over here and the game prominently taking place in England, we should hopefully hear something about it next year.