Dark Link DLC and more for Hyrule Warriors

The Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover, Hyrule Warriors, will be released tomorrow for Wii U. Those of you who have pre-ordered the game will know that you will also receive a costume pack for Link and Zelda, based on Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword depending on which store you bought it from. This means that you’re missing out on two other costume packs, right? Well, fortunately, these costume packs will be available to buy separately at a later date.

Hyrule Warriors

But that’s not all. On October 16th, free DLC will become available that makes original villains of the game, Cia, Volga and Wizzro, playable. This will be the first of four DLC packs that will be available, and if you pre-order all of them from the eShop, you gain access to a Dark Link costume to use immediately.

It’s safe to say that Nintendo are heavily embracing the idea of DLC and between this and Mario Kart 8, it seems they know what players will love.