REVIEW/ Chronology (PC)


Chronology is an interesting title that is very straightforward in it’s approach. You are an older gentlemen who is somehow is part of the reason the world has gone to hell. You wake up without any memory as to where you are or what is happening. Along your travels, you come across a clock which can take you into the past before disaster strikes and then back to the future (present?) where you awoke.

This game has many gameplay elements similar to that of indie-classic Braid, in the sense that you can hold items and take them back in time. And what you do in the past can affect the future. See a tree in the future that would suit you more if it was to the right? No problem, just go in the past when it was a little stump and move it to the right. Go back to the future and your tree is right where you need it. Another gameplay element that is introduced later in the game is the snail. This snail has the ability to freeze time in place, allowing you to move between dangerous, moving objects with ease and grace.




As far as story goes, it’s very straight forward and not exactly content heavy. As you complete each of the eight chapters, you start to learn more about yourself and what had led up to the making the world the way it is now. The snail doesn’t have a story and is quite frankly downright annoying. Sadly, he is needed and you so you can’t go without him. In between each of the chapters, you will get a short cutscene that is just a few moving objects with voice-over work done. The art isn’t bad, but it also isn’t truly unique either.

This title doesn’t feature anything outside of it’s puzzles and story. No collectibles, no side-stories, and no exploration. It’s just a platformer through-and-through. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you know what you are buying. The puzzles are fun and not too difficult, which makes this a great title for children or people who aren’t too excellent at puzzle games. This game is also extremely short, it took me just over an hour to complete Chronology. For your money’s worth, it’s not a terrible setup. But you won’t be going back into the game to see if you missed anything once it’s completed.

Bang for your Buck
  • 5.5/10
    Gameplay - 5.5/10
  • 4/10
    Plot - 4/10
  • 5.5/10
    Design - 5.5/10


This title almost didn’t hit the Steam store but with the help Steam Greenlight, it finally got the release it deserved. For only about $3 USD, this title can be beat in about an hour or two, so it’s not a huge hit to your wallet but also not something you’ll be playing for the next few days. All in all, I’m very glad Chronology got released and it was a fun title. If you are a fan of pure puzzles without any side-stories or collectibles to gather, this title is worth the group of quarters lying around under your sofa.

Version Reviewed: PC