Be The Zombie trailer released for Dying Light

A new trailer has been released for Techland’s upcoming open-world zombie survival title Dying Light.

This trailer gives us a taste of the game’s “Be The Zombie Mode”, which is currently on offer as a pre-order exclusive.

In “Be The Zombie” (props to Techland for spending a grueling two whole minutes on thinking of a name for this mode…), players get to invade each other’s games as a zombie. This is no slow-ass run-of-the-mill walker zombie though, as players will be able to leap and pounce on unsuspecting players. As short as the video is, it also says that we’ll be able to “upgrade skills”, suggesting a possible skill tree and leveling system.

Dying Light is set for release on January 27th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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