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We here at That VideoGame Blog get the privilege to review some great games from some of today’s best developers. Something we don’t get to do often, and I’ll admit that this is my first time, is review clothing. But it’s video game related, and based off one of my favorite franchises, so why not?

Mario Hoodie Group 3



An e-mail dropped in my inbox from Paper Rox Scissors PR that TV Online Store was offering exclusive Nintendo hoodies modeled after some of our favorite Nintendo characters. Just in time for Nintendo’s just in time for Nintendo’s 125th anniversary, TV Online Store is currently offering Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Link hoodie sweatshirts. As a boy who grew up wanting to be Link, I immediately wanted to test out The Legend of Zelda Link hoodie!


Nintendo Link hoodie 1

Nintendo Link hoodie 2


Here is the website’s description:

“Who doesn’t love Link? He’s only one of the coolest heroes in video game history! If you’ve always wanted to be like him, this officially licensed Nintendo hoodie will at least help you to pull off his appearance. Featuring his green suit with his sword and shield across the back, this Link hoodie is perfect for any fan of The Legend of Zelda. Show some love for your favorite hero in style with this awesome Legend of Zelda hoodie!”

The hoodie is based off the Wind Waker Link design, which any discerning Zelda fanboy will recognize immediately. The material is soft, the colors are bright, and the hood itself has the signature Phrygian-style cap. The sweatshirt also emulates a tunic in that the shoulders give the appearance of being a separate piece from the sleeves. The belt is purely part of the sweatshirt, but the sword and shield on the back of the are outlined with thread, giving an illusion of depth that makes them appear to be separate from the sweatshirt from a distance. All of these little details make this a solid looking hoodie.


Nintendo Link hoodie Cody 1

Going to vanquish some evil.


It’s no surprise that this this hoodie looked even better in person than in the excitement-inducing product photos; they are after all officially licensed products, bearing Nintendo’s gold stamped seal of approval. But how does it stand up to the elements? Functionally, the hoodie works like a sweatshirt. It keeps you warm and blocks the wind where it can. You can slide your hands into the pockets to keep warm. It also fits very well (I got a large hoodie, which proved true to size).


Nintendo Link hoodie Cody 2

Super cool. And that dude’s right tail light is out.


All in all, this is an awesome hoodie, and would make an excellent gift for any Nintendo fan. I am also looking forward to wearing it around during Halloween, as it doubles as a quick and easy costume. While the initial price tag seems steep ($50 retail), it’s definitely worth the price in that you will be wearing it constantly, and you will feel pretty sweet wearing it around. Check out TV Online Store’s website to grab your own.


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Special thanks to TV Online Store and Paper Rox Scissors PR for the hoodie.

Highly recommended hoodie for Hyrulians with some cash to burn


Though pricier than your typical screen printed affair, these officially licensed hoodies earn their Nintendo seal of approval with excellent craftsmanship. And they double as a quick and easy convention costume!