Myst-based television series in development


In news that is about 20 years past due, Variety and Deadline reported yesterday that film studio Legendary Pictures’ (of Inception and The Hangover fame) television branch has signed a deal with the video game developer Cyan World to develop a series based on the Myst franchise.  Myst is an immersive first-person point-and-click adventure game that requires the player to use special books to travel to different ages in order to explore locations, solve puzzles, and learn the story of the Myst island.  The first game was released way back in 1993, spawning 5 more games to be developed and 3 novels that all expanded the mythos of the Myst universe.

Cyan World plans to use the television series as part of a “transmedia product,” which will come out in tandem with a companion video game to tell a story across multiple forms of media.  The creators of Myst will remain involved in the adaptation, and if the Myst franchise is any indication of their storytelling abilities, then this combination of passive and interactive media could work to tell stories and engage audiences in novel and exciting ways.  The game will likely be available via tablets, but we may see multiple games on both PCs and portable devices to bring an even further immersion into the Myst story.  It is currently unknown whether the television portion of this project will be released through conventional television outlets or by way of a digital platform, such as Amazon or Netflix.

Legendary Pictures is also reported to have other video game franchises in the works for the big screen, including Mass Effect and Dead Rising, the latter of which will be provided exclusively through the digital media service Crackle.  Cyan World is keeping busy as well, with a new game franchise Obduction, which will be a sort of spiritual successor to Myst that was funded through Kickstarter last year.