Pokken Tournament takes first aim at arcade audience

In a surprise move, Bandai Namco has chosen to debut Pokken Tournament on the arcade scene. Pokken Tournament, which is a Pokemon fighting game created with elements borrowed from the Tekken series, intends to explore a new avenue of gameplay for the ever popular Pokemon series.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Haruda, in an interview with 4Gamer, explains the decision to appeal to arcade goers: “Pokemon definitely has a family-oriented image, but in addition to how we decided on developing [Pokken] as a competitive game with depth, we must also be prepared to face such severe conditions.” Harada also goes on to say that, “Once you have a title that can make it out of the lion’s den called arcades, it’s something you know you can be proud of for being the real deal. Additionally, there aren’t too many developers that take on these kinds of challenges nowadays.”

Console versions of Pokken Tournament have yet to be announced, but the game is slated for release in Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.