Did Clash of Clans nearly wreck the Kansas City Royals’ season?

Some of you may have been watching postseason baseball and the magical story that has been the Kansas City Royals. The team was a long shot to make the playoffs going into the All Star break, playing in a division with the Detroit Tigers who many favored to win the pennant. The Royals went on to win a Wild Card spot in the American League, and won 8 straight games to make it to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants.

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But according to an article in The Kansas City Star by Andy McCollough, it appeared their season took a turn when the Kansas City Royals clubhouse turned into an all out Clash of Clans fest. What started as a player introducing it to his teammates turned into what appeared to be an obsession, where coaches would enter the clubhouse to see their players fixated on their iPads.

First base coach Rusty Kuntz had this to say to writer Andy McCollough:

“At that time, in that situation, it’s really disappointing,” said Kuntz. He added, “You just got to a point where you go, ‘What’s the priority here? Is this just three hours out of your time, spent away from what you’re actually being interested in?

A streak of bad games and a players-only meeting later, Kansas City cut down on their iPad gaming, and started winning enough to push themselves into the postseason. Players still found it hard to put the game down though, and many admitted to their addictions. Player Jarrod Dyson had this to say after it was agreed to start winding things down with the game:

“It’s ending,” he said. “I’m ending it. I’m winding it down. I’m toning it down. I’m trying to tone it down. It’s going to be hard, but I’m trying to tone it down.”

McCollough goes on to painfully describe the game as a game that resembles “the classic PC version of Warcraft” where gamers “build a community and wage animated war”. The best part of the article was him mentioning that “The game’s verbiage entered the clubhouse lexicon, as players debated the relative merits of their clans and beseeched each other for orders of goblins and witches”.


After last nights defeat by the Giants, hopefully their addictive gaming habits are behind them as they gear up for Game 2 of the Fall Classic. And I am sure there are more instances where a game like Clash of Clans has ruined something or other (maybe the Detroit Tigers’ season, perhaps?).

You can read the entire article here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/mlb/kansas-city-royals/article3188872.html