NBA Live 15 launches today for Xbox One and PS4

For all it does well in the world of sports videogames, EA Sports has been lacking in the basketball department for quite some time. The company didn’t even release an NBA game between 2009 and 2013. When NBA LIVE returned last season, the version was panned in favor of the leading basketball game, NBA 2K14.

Today, with the launch of NBA LIVE 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, EA Sports is hoping to cut into 2K Sports’s market share with a much improved title.

“I’m so proud of what our team has accomplished this year,” says Executive Producer Sean O’Brien. “We know we’ve got a lot to prove, but I think this year’s game takes a big step towards getting the NBA LIVE franchise back to its place as one of the premiere sports video games out there.”

It’s cool that EA Sports is releasing their game  today to coincide with the start of the NBA season, but with NBA 2K15 launching three weeks ago, there are many fans out there who already have their fill of virtual hoops.

Purchase NBA LIVE 15 for the Xbox One here or for the PlayStation 4 here.