New patch Version 1.0.3 available for 3DS Super Smash Bros.


Super Smash Bros

The release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS hasn’t gone off without a hitch for The Big N. Upon release, users had to download Version 1.0.2 in order to access online multiplayer. Now comes Version 1.0.3, something that players will have to download if they want to continue with the game’s online experience.

Nintendo announced on Monday that the patch will disable viewing of the Conquest chart when a Conquest is active. Conquest Mode features weekly challenges where online players can pick a side and compete for prizes such as coins and items. With the new patch, players won’t be able to jump in on whichever side is winning to claim prizes. Last week, Kirby trounced Pac-Man in a battle of spherical heroes, and even front-runners who joined the battle when Kirby was already well ahead were rewarded.

The Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Version 1.0.3 patch will also “balance the game” to make for a “more pleasant gaming experience.” I hope this means they won’t be making Toon Link less awesome. The previous 1.0.2 update is included in this new one, so new players won’t have to download both.