PREVIEW / Life is Feudal: Your Own (PC)



I, Sir Noe, hath previewed thy game, Life is Feudal: Your Own, for thou’s personal computer. Life is Feudal: Your Own is a medieval sandbox game where players become masters of their own destiny. Gamers can literally build and craft their way to the top of the caste system in LiF: YO. Bitbox, the game’s developer, gives a way better description than I can below:

“Life is Feudal: Your Own is set in a realistic medieval world with free terraforming and free building features, you can build your own house anywhere in the world! Team up with your friends and build a village, town or city, increase your skills and progress in your chosen profession, and repel attacks by others wanting to ransack your land. Players can utilize skills and crafting tools to shape the world around their needs and help them find their own unique, tailored playstyle: dig a mine and prospect for ore, gather clay to create a furnace, take up a sword and defend your friends, along with many other choices you are free to make. Become the master of your environment in Life is Feudal: Your Own.”




Look at the above image. All the man-made structures you see were created by actual players in-game using the crafting and terraforming system. That is the beauty of Life is Feudal: Your Own. Players can create fences, houses, tunnels, moats and even castles! Possibilities are endless in LiF: YO. It’s a universe where players can team-up with one another, pool their resources and skills together and make their own villages, weapons and other structures. Be wary however – structures can be destroyed as well as built. Enemy players on the same server as you can band together with their teammates and raid your creations.

Gameplay-wise, Life is Feudal: YO is a very fun and creative game…once you figure out how to play it. The developers recommend players visit the Life is Feudal tutorial page first before attempting to play because the controls and actions are not as intuitive as your might initially thing. I’ve logged more than six hours in the game already and still have trouble remembering how to do everything. I find myself constantly referring back to the tutorial page just to double check how to do something. A lack of simple controls isn’t something to knock the game for though. It’s just that there are so many ways to play Life is Feudal: Your Own that it’s hard to keep up with each method’s control scheme. I saw several players in-game building and crafting with ease, so with enough practice this game can be mastered.




The graphics in Life is Feudal: Your Own are fit for a king or queen too. Trees look like real trees, you can actually make out individual blades of grass on the ground and the sky looks amazingly realistic. Everything you see in LiF: YO is designed to look as much like the real thing as possible. The highly detailed virtual environment in Life is Feudal really helps you feel immersed and part of the game world. It didn’t look or feel like I was roaming a foreign land in the Medieval times. It felt like I was playing a wilderness survival simulator set in present day.

Though still a Steam Early Access game, Life is Feudal: Your Own already has the potential to be your next Rust or Minecraft.  Game features include:

  • Free Terraforming & Tunnel Building – 100% free terraforming and tunnel building tools allows you to dig tunnels, create moats, raise and lower ground levels and expand in all dimensions – almost without limit! You can dig for substances such as: soil, rock, granite, ore veins, clay, sand, and much more!
  • Dynamic Skill System – an adaptive skill system that progresses skills as you use them. With a huge range of skills in various categories, discover what your profession is at your own pace.
  • Free Building Features – With the ability to build on any part of the global map, you can take defense, survival and resource aspects into account. Craft and construct hundreds of items and build unique structures to create the world around you.
  • Complex Food & Cooking System – Cooking is no longer a secondary or non-existent skill; being a good cook, who knows many complex and tasty recipes, means that you and your friends will be better-fed and even receive skill bonuses!
  • Realistic Player Damage System – Based on human anatomy with fractures and bleeding wounds you can create unique and deadly combat tactics.
  • Double Health & Stamina Bars – Double health and stamina bars represent better information about the status of your body: players can be knocked unconscious or killed, they can also be temporarily out of breath or totally exhausted.



Still not sure Life is Feudal: Your Own is for you? Well Bitbox has you covered. They created of list of things you CAN and CAN NOT do in the game. Surely one of these is bound is pique your interest, sandbox fan or not.

In LiF you can:

  • Get lost in the forest
  • Make some primitive tools for yourself
  • Go out into the wilderness to set up some snares and hunt some wild animals
  • Build yourself a tiny shack
  • Claim land around your shack and start some farming (grow some crops, breed chickens in a coop, gather honey from your beehives etc.)
  • Tame wild animals to convert them into domestic for further breeding and milk/meat production
  • Dig a tunnel in nearby mountains to find ore deposits
  • Build furnaces, bloomeries and forges to smelt ore and craft metal tools, weapons and armor
  • Call your friends to cut down trees around your shack to create a village and your own Realm later
  • Cover your village and Realm monument with walls and moat
  • Experiment to find better combination of ingredients for useful alchemy potions
  • Drill light cavalry soldiers and heavily armored footman shock troops out of your fresh recruits
  • Wage a war with a neighboring realm
  • Lead your unit in tightly formed ranks to victory while enemies are running around you disorganized and disoriented like headless chickens!
  • Establish a siege camp, cover it with palisade walls and start making weapons of war (trebuchets, battering rams, mantlets)
  • Breach enemy walls with trebuchets and break the enemy’s will to resist with your heavy cavalry unit
  • Become a King of your own Kingdom with vassal realms filling your treasury with the tribute and taxes they pay you
  • Build a jousting grounds in your city and call for a world wide jousting tournament
  • … and so on…


  • Achieve 80 level (there are no levels at all)
  • Equip armored bikinis staying protected and fully combat effective (actually you won’t be able to equip an armored bikini at all)
  • Grind quests/missions on a daily basis (quests will be limited and designed only to make you familiar with game mechanics)
  • Get bored :)



With those things in mind, go pick-up Life is Feudal: Your Own today on Steam for only $39.99. When you do, don’t forget to use the aforementioned tutorial website . You’re going to need it. Now grab some buddies, build a colony and go kick some Medieval butt! Look forward to Life is Feudal: Your Own’s official release sometime this quarter!