Hyrule Warriors DLC brings Twili Midna to the battlefield

It feels like only yesterday when the first DLC pack for Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors spin-off became available, and now a second one is already on the way.

Twili Midna Hyrule Warriors

Dubbed the Princess Pack, this will not only provide a patch that will add amiibo functionality alongside new costumes and weapons, but also a new character: Twili Midna. The Twilight Princess herself is already playable, but she was confined to her cursed imp form. In her true form, she wields the Mirror of Twilight to unleash her full ferocity. Hyrule Warriors has become quite popular due to its inclusion of many kick-ass female characters, and adding one more is no bad thing.

The pack will become available globally on November 27th. The first pack, the Master Quest Pack, is already available and contains three new characters, two new costumes and new levels.