REVIEW / Defense Grid 2 (X1)


I have always been a fan of strategy games. My review of Civilization: Beyond Earth can attest to that. Now, I have the pleasure of reviewing yet another strategy game that is on a platform I typically don’t play strategy games on; Defense Grid 2 for the Xbox One. Now most people scoff at the idea of a strategy game being on consoles, including me, but this review might surprise you. So let’s get to it.



As you might suspect, Defense Grid 2 is a tower defense game. You build up towers as waves of enemies attempt to steal your “cores” and head back from whence they came. Depending on the difficulty and variety of options you have for each level, this can either be incredibly easy or incredibly, painfully difficult. The options that you have for each level is outstanding and truly adds to the replay value for the game. If you can think of some kind of special “rule” to inject into a level, this game has it.

Defense Grid 2 has a decent story mode that isn’t incredibly dull but isn’t the most exciting thing in the world either. You are a human who teams up with different A.I.’s in order to defeat the aliens that are slowly, but surely, destroying everything in their path. What saves this overused plot is the dialogue. I truly enjoyed listening to the jokes made by General Fletcher and his comrades. Not only that, but in hand with the dialogue, pretty much the entire game’s audio presentation is amazing. It has that very heroic military feel to it, and I enjoy it quite a bit.




The graphical presentation of the game is not bad, though it’s not the most stellar thing either. This is a strategy game however, and graphics aren’t the main goal. In a strategy game, gameplay is the main goal and Defense Grid 2 passes with flying colors. I rarely, if ever, had any issues using the controller for input and while I would still prefer a mouse for quick precision, the controller didn’t hinder me too much. Being able to fast-forward if I had everything set up and was left just waiting for the next wave was very nice also. There was never any hiccups or issues with the game in general, aside from the occasional longer than normal load time.

Sticks to the Plan
  • 9/10
    Gameplay - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10


Defense Grid 2 does an excellent job of sticking to the plan of what RTS games on consoles should be. And it does it so amazingly well that I can easily see myself playing this game for quite some time. I actually hope DLC comes out for the title so I can expand the levels that this game has, as it was expertly ported from PC to console.