Livestreaming on Steam is Now Available


When Twitch started eons ago, it seemed like Valve’s most logical step in response would be to cash in and fire back with their own service. Many Steam users waited but nothing seemed to arrive. Over time, we have had many replacements which provide their own overlay alongside streaming to Twitch such as Overwulf, but nothing that was completely new and nothing that worked truly WITH Steam. Until now.

Valve has announced their new feature, which is available now, as Broadcasting. It’s not too difficult to get started, just find your friend on your Friend’s List and select “watch game” or check out the hub page for streams. This setting isn’t automatically turned on and features many options for privacy while broadcasting such as the ability make friends request to watch before being able to do so or making it invite-only.


While this is streaming, it isn’t through Twitch. This is done entirely through Valve which means that you can’t carry over your Twitch fan-base alongside you with extreme ease. Also, there isn’t a dedicated “start streaming” button with this service either. It just starts streaming when people start showing up. While that could help with bandwidth and such, it seems kind of lack-luster when trying to get your name out there in the new dedicated “broadcasting hub”. More details are supposed to come out soon.


Cameras can’t be added at the moment either as the feature only supports the game, your voice, and the game’s audio. Monetization seems to not be available at this point in time either as advertisements are currently absent from the service. Being that this service just launched today, I am sure we can be somewhat more patient to see what Valve does to add to Steam’s newest item on a long list of additions to the service over the last few years.