Last Year is the 5v1 Multiplayer Horror Game I’ve Been Waiting For


Evolve might be the 4v1 game that many are excited to play early in 2015. But Last Year is the 5v1 survival horror game that I hope I get to have my hands on at some point. Featured on Kickstarter with about 15 days left to go as of this post and just short of it’s goal, Last Year is something that feels like it came from a late-80’s horror movie… and that’s not bad.

In Last Year, you are either one of five young friends who are trying to survive or the Killer who is attempting to stop the friends from surviving. Each side has it’s strengths and weakness which means that strategy is a key part of winning. Each of the five friends play a special role for the team. If the killer cuts the phone line, then the technician (geek) has to repair the line. If he happens to be killed, then you can’t call out for the police. Things like this are what make Last Year seem so appealing.


The game is both logical and still friendly to that feeling of the Killer slowly walking and then somehow catching up with you that 80’s horror films were sooo very guilty of. Speaking of suddenly appearing out of nowhere, the Killer has a unique ability to “despawn” and reappear somewhere else such as a dark corner or a closet. This is because the Killer (naturally) can’t chase the survivors due to their on-foot speed. Surprise is the main tactic in Last Year when you are the Killer.


Each of the Survivor Classes have their own strengths and weakness also as follows:

  • Amber – Scout Can spot the Killer and display his position on the map for other players to see. Can also spot supplies on the map easier than the rest including flashlights and weapons. Weak against attacks from the Killer.
  • Chad – Assault Offers protection to the other players and can melee attack/stun the Killer, giving the other survivors a chance to escape. Strong to withstand attacks from the Killer.
  • Nick – Technician Fixes phone lines, generators, picks locks, hot wires vehicles, and anything else that needs to be repaired. He has a pet rat named Rasmus that you can play as. As Rasmus you can travel through small passages to unlock doors from the other side and provide spy-cam style intel on where the Killer is. Very weak against attacks from the Killer.
  • Sam – Medic Heals wounded players to full health.
  • Troy – Support  Also offers protection and can also place traps for the killer which deals damage and slows him down. Can melee attack/stun the Killer same way as Chad.

It won’t be just a school as the location where the Killer lurks. Here is some of the concept art from the Kickstarter page showing the various locations that are planned when Last Year is released:

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The Kickstarter Project is named under James Matthew Wearing who has worked on various titles such as Crysis, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed II & III, and other titles. For even more information or to support the Last Year Kickstarter, feel free to go to this link as it contains more details on Last Year.