When 2 Growth Markets Collide: Microsoft to Launch Wearable Technology for Xbox

With Google Glass 2.0 set for release in 2015 and the eighth generation of console gaming now in its element, the wearable technology and gaming sectors are clearly experiencing considerable growth. This expansion is set to gain even further momentum as the two markets collide, with Microsoft rumoured to be on the verge of releasing wearable technology garments and gadgets that are compatible with the Xbox One. Not only does this make sense in an increasingly connected world, but it will also enable Xbox to steal a march on rivals Sony and close the sales gap on the hugely successful PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has already entered the wearable technology market, and is looking to use this as a foundation for further success and innovative product development in 2015. Their initial product has become known simply as the ‘Microsoft Band’, which aims to transfer real-time and physical fitness metrics into the virtual world.  These include heart rate, steps taken and the number of calories burned during an exercise session, and it is a product that ties into the contemporary trend for wearable tech that monitors health and fitness. There are also a number of fitness apps available through the Xbox One, so this development makes perfect commercial sense.

Microsoft will develop this product range in 2015 and beyond, although whether market rivals respond directly has yet to be seen. It does, however, highlight the current trends in the technology market and the emergence of both wearable technology and cross-platform gaming experiences. Just as wearable technology products help to translate real world metrics into the virtual realm, for example, so too products such as Google’s Chromecast can share a host of games from blockbusting adventures to online roulette across multiple platforms within the home. The result of this is an inter-connected world, and brands that are able to forge a niche in this market will have an excellent chance of achieving success.

For Microsoft, this is excellent news. For brands that are yet to jump on board, there may be a limited window of opportunity to play a pivotal role in influencing this trend.