New Nintendo 3DS now available to select European Club Nintendo members

If the thought of Japanese and Australian gamers enjoying the new 3DS already makes you jealous, prepare for it to get worse.  Joystiq reports that a very small group of the most loyal Club Nintendo members in Europe have received emails with an offer to buy a copy of the new system early.  This “Ambassador Bundle” contains a white New Nintendo 3DS system, a 4 GB Micro SD card, Super Smash Bros face plates, and exclusive Ambassador face plates (in addition to the typical accessories included with the 3DS).  The bundle costs 200 euros (about $238) and is expected to arrive on people’s doorsteps by January 23rd.  It should be noted that this is the normal New Nintendo 3DS system, not the XL version.


This is a rather strange way to introduce a new product, but it does suggest that the new system will be available in Europe and North America soon, since they have products ready to ship out.  The release date in both regions is still just 2015, but this is the first we’ve heard about any release in these regions.  There’s also no word about whether such a program will exist in North America, or what exactly qualifies someone for this program beyond the vague notion of “loyalty.”  For now, Club Nintendo members in Europe should keep an eye on their inboxes.