REVIEW / DekaBox unboxing


DekaBox, the new SKU being offered alongside SkoshBox’s eponymous monthly Japanese snack subscription box, might be younger but by no means smaller. Whereas the “Skosh” in the sample-sized SkoshBox was derived from Sukoshi, which means “a little bit” in Japanese, “Deka” is short for Dekkai. That’s street slang for “huge.” It’s the perfect one-word description for this massive box, which measures roughly twice the size of the original SkoshBox. The DekaBox was created for more adventurous candy and snack-philes, brave souls ready to risk life, love and taste bud to sample full-sized packages of tongue tantalizing flavors. In other words, they created it just for me.




The monthly subscription Dekabox, which contains a stomach staggering 1 lb of assorted snacks and candies, is a permanent replacement for the company’s limited edition Premium Boxes. Just like the smaller Skoshboxes, the contents of the Dekabox are a surprise until the moment you receive tear into the box. For $24 per month, Dekabox will deliver full-sized selections of hand-picked treats to your doorstep. If you spring for a 6-month or 12-month plan, your save $2 and $4 per box respectively. If you’re more concerned with “getting” than “saving,” an extra $2 gets you a mystery accessory item of the non-edible variety, like Japanese erasers, phone charm or chopsticks. I repeat, do not try to eat the mystery accessory item! On second thought, I dare you to try, that is of course if you have any room left after working your way through this massive box. The mouth is willing, but the stomach is weak!

Anpanman Caramel Corn


IMG_9319A fluffier, sweeter version of one of my favorite childhood cereals, Corn Pops, these corn puffs have just the right amount of caramelization. Not too much. Not too little. In the words of a golden-locked burglar, it was “just right.” I can’t wait to try these with milk!


Potato Chip Sticks



When I saw these potato chip sticks were salt and nori flavored, I was super psyched. Because I hate nori flavored snacks. Confused? Sometimes it’s fun to taste something so completely out of your culinary comfort zone and survive. Which is why I was disappointed this wasn’t worse. If you love nori, you’ll wish the seaweed taste was stronger. If you hate nori, you’ll wonder why they ruined a perfect good potato chip stick snack with a light dusting of the Japanese snack staple.


Kumamoto Puccho



Puccho is like a Hi-Chew, but with firm, chewy gummy balls buried inside like some sort of mastication-friendly maristroika doll. This citrus variety has great flavor, almost grapefruit-y, but its not my favorite puccho. That would be a tie between the mixed-fruit Miracle and lemonade-flavored Ramune. Of course, comparing puccho flavors is as pointless as comparing snowflakes – they’re all unique, they’re all beautiful and you want to catch them all in your mouth.


 Balance Power Biscuits



I’ve had these before in a different Japanese snack subscription box, but in this case familiarity does not breed contempt. These buttery shortbread cookies were every bit as scrumptious the second time around. Unfortunately, they were also every bit as packed with sweet, sweet fat as the first time. But I learned my lesson and avoided looking at the nutritional information this go round, which means my only worry was that there were only four in a box, not that I was facing my own mortality with every bite.


Corn Potage Puffs



Your eyes will tell your this is a crunchy corn puff. Your mouth will tell your this is creamy corn potage (Japanese corn soup). Believe your mouth. These taste like the creamiest and sweetest of sweet corn, and they are so light and fluffy they practically melt in your mouth. I would take a bag of these over an actual bowl of creamy corn soup any day!


Shigekix Grape Gummy



I loved the super sour coating on these hard little grape gummies, which reminded me of Warheads. I only wished the sourness lasted longer or was even more intense – like, just shy of Fear Factor intense – but I guess it would have seared off my taste buds and I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate that the gummy beneath the pucker-inducing powder was actually pretty tasty, too.


Candy Apple DIY Kit



This one is pretty self explanatory, once I revise the included instructions a little…

  1. Mold into apple shape
  2. Poke skewer through
  3. Dip into syrup
  4. Add Sprinkles
  5. Enjoy Once you come to grips with the fact that this digestible candy has the initial texture of an indigestible piece of bubble gum, enjoy


Accessory Item


This month’s mystery accessory item is a pair of chopsticks, but not just any chopsticks – lucky cat chopsticks! They feature a repeating pattern of maneki-neko, literally “beckoning cat,”  the Japan’s version of the rabbit’s foot charm. I don’t know if they’ll help me “attract money and people,” but I do feel fortunate to now own such a cute set of eating utensils.

If you love trying new things, love getting mail, and love snacks, then you will absolutely adore DekaBox. My only minor complaint with the original SkoshBox, that it’s sample-sized servings left you wanting, has been addressed in a (literally) big way. DekaBox is a SkoshBox on steroids – 50% bigger, 100% worth every penny.


Delectable DekaBox is a must for candy connoisseurs


Dekabox is my new gold standard by which all future snack-scription services will be judged. The best presentation. The best packaging. The best Japanese candy and snacks.