Pokemon Shuffle to debut in the month of February

One of the more unique announcements from the recent Nintendo Direct is the new game Pokemon Shuffle. The new Pokemon game seeks to introduce a new puzzle-themed Pokemon game into the series.  Pokemon Shuffle‘s gameplay will consist of the player solving puzzles as they battle Pokemon.  Players will match three or more Pokemon in an area in order to deal damage to the wild Pokemon. Using a set number of moves available, the player’s aim is to bring the Pokemon’s HP to zero.  Players can utilize Pokemon types in order to gain an advantage in battle.  Pokemon can gain experience through gameplay, and even mega-evolve.  Mega-evolved Pokemon have the ability to defeat many Pokemon at a time in a given area.


The announcement of Pokemon Shuffle also comes with news regarding a new legendary Pokemon for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  The new legendary Pokemon, Hoopa, will be a psychic and ghost type Pokemon.  It is currently described as a mischief Pokemon. As of right now there are no details as to how to capture Hoopla, and it cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.  It is adorned with golden rings that are said to have the power to bend dimensions as well as move objects across great distances.




As if that wasn’t enough, Pokemon Shuffle will be available as a free download via eShop for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.  The game is currently slated for release sometime in the month of February.