Castle in the Darkness illuminates yesteryear

Unsheathe your broad swords and don your plate mail, as Castle in the Darkness comes to Steam for Windows PC. The amped-up, 8 bit, action exploration platformer throws back to a bygone era when chunky graphics and simplicity thrilled gamers. Castle in the Darkness debuts February 5th, 2015 on Steam, and owes its creation to developer Matt Kap, the lead artist behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Castle in the Darkness whisks you back in time, when platformers ruled game consoles and video game arcades still existed. Thanks to its nostalgic aesthetic and damning difficulty, Castle in the Darkness plays and feels like some of the most iconic platformers from decades ago. Equal traces of Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Castlevania make this game a wicked good renaissance of a quality platformer. Some veteran gamers may have flashbacks to digging deep in their pockets for that one last quarter while playing this engaging game.

Hop-scotching past traps, whizzing through corridors, and bludgeoning beastly bosses, all while charting an unknown path through the Kingdom of Alexandria, make for compelling play. Castle in the Darkness features a myriad of armor, weapons, and sorcery which empower players’ quests through an age-old kingdom, shrouded in Byzantine history. Players must discover mysterious parts of the domain, which still remain hidden behind towering ramparts, while veiled by the mists of time and ancient myth.

Nostalgic gamers will love how the game harkens back to the golden era of videogames. Additionally, Castle in the Darkness boasts a variety of dynamic game features, sure to keep you playing for hours. Players level up their knight with wildly varying abilities, have access to an arsenal of over 100 weapons, armor and magic abilities, while slaying over 50 bosses and more than 100 unique enemies. All this up-tempo and dazzling gameplay further immerses players with a classic, speedy chiptune soundtrack.

Take a look at the trailer here for a preview. Check out the official website for further information. When released on Steam, the single player game will retail for $5.99.

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