TVGB’s Top 5 rated PC games of 2014


It’s still early 2015, and there is still time to reflect on the year that was. We had a busy year reviewing some great games for PC in 2014. While there were some poor and average titles mixed in there, That VideoGame Blog gave out some very favorable reviews on games that may or may not be on your current wishlist. Perusing through our review section, we gave out one 9.5 out of 10 review score and a whopping four perfect scores of 10 out of 10! So what were the top 5 rated PC games of 2014 according to our staff at TVGB? Here they are in very little order…


The Sun and Moon – Developed by Daniel Linssen, Published by Digerati Distribution, Kot in Action Creative Artel
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The Sun and Moon received a 9.5/10 when it was reviewed in November of 2014 by staff writer Noe Ponce. The unique, physics-based puzzle game was the winner of Ludum Dare 29,  a competition that challenges developers to create a game in just two days. Incredible work and kudos to developer Daniel Linssen on making such an excellent game in such a short time.

So why such high marks? Ponce cited that the physics-based gameplay paired with “its minimalistic level design and wonderfully retro sound track” makes this a game worthy of your time. If you are into games like World of Goo or mobile-style physics-based puzzle games, this game is right up your alley. The best part… the game can be played for free! Head to this site to play The Sun and Moon, or support the developer and pick it up through Steam.

Sneaky Sneaky – Developed & Published by Naiad Entertainment
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Sneaky Sneaky nabbed the last perfect 10 of 2014 in November. Again, staff writer Noe Ponce was presented with another puzzle game, this time mixed with stealth and light RPG elements. The game nabbed 10/10 in all 3 categories we rate in Challenge, Gameplay, and Design (to which all the following games with perfect scores share).

The game is full of challenging puzzles that Ponce found to be sometimes frustrating, but that’s why we love puzzle games! This deceptively simple puzzler is available through Steam, and there is even a mobile version available for iOS.

Team Indie – Developed & Published by Brightside Games
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Team Indie was reviewed by staff writer David Logan in October, and he gave this platformer the gold seal of approval with a perfect score. This goes with the theme of the game, as 10 indie game stars find themselves teamed up in this action puzzle platformer.

Logan was impressed by the innovative level design (to which it has received nominations for innovation awards) and its almost “plug-n-play” ability to jump in and have a great time. The game contains over 50 levels to challenge you and your indie team, and you will need all those wonderful characters to help you beat this game. Are you into platformers? Then check out Team Indie on Steam!


Transistor – Developed & Published by Supergiant Games
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Transistor is probably a game you have heard a lot about this past year. It has received many excellent review scores (Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam), and is the second IP from the developers of critically acclaimed Bastion, to which many believe Transistor is a spiritual successor.

I probably don’t have to tell you why this is an awesome game. Staff writer Kenneth Cummings, along with the collective video game media, went bonkers for the game when it came out back in May. The action RPG title features an incredible setting of art deco cyberpunk, great combat and pacing of story and exploration. If you haven’t already checked out Transistor, we highly suggest you do!

WildStar – Developed by Carbine Studios, Published by NCSoft
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Last but not least, we land at the doorstep of the MMO world with WildStar. Yet again, staff writer Noe Ponce was blown away with this sci-fi MMO which “rocks, plain and simple”. Reviewed back in June, this sucker is the last on our list that received a perfect score this year.

Ponce wrote up a huge two-part review on this game, describing everything from character creation to combat to tradeskills. The MMO offers deep customization and great progression mixed with a style that pops off the screen. Which is good. Because the time you will sink into this game makes for a better experience if it looks good, and WildStar is a good looking game. We highly suggest you read the review to get the low down on this awesome MMO.

There you have it, the top 5 rated PC games of 2014. While we could have had a poll, we decided it would be best to present this to you with our reviews in mind, because we work very hard to write up reviews for our readers to check out when they are considering which games to put a vote of confidence in with their money.

That being said, there were 9 other PC games that received a score of 9 out of 10, which is still pretty darn awesome.

Here’s to 2014! Now get playing!

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