Nintendo Quest releases new trailer

Nintendo Quest

Any fan of the 8-bit era will be happy to hear that a film titled Nintendo Quest is being created by a man named Rob McCallum. The documentary’s plot deploys video game fanatic Jay Bartlett across the country on a 30 day journey to find and obtain every single Nintendo Entertainment System game ever made, but there’s a hunch! No internet. Yes, the adventure is going to be just as old school as the games themselves!

The film is looking up to be a stellar documentary due to the mass amounts of unique gaming stores that will be shown throughout the entire film. You can see what I mean for yourself by checking out the newest trailer for the film by clicking the video below:

“We asked ourselves why it was Nintendo. Why did we pick Nintendo over any other game company? Because I think that’s the system everyone can relate to, everyone loves the NES.” – Jay Bartlett

Nintendo Quest is being funded by the backers of the very popular Kickstarter, and McCallum already completed his goal after two weeks of being up on the website. McCallum has added a bunch of bonus prizes to all of the backers that have pledged towards this project, and they just recently announced that they will make an 8-bit NES game of the documentary if the project reaches $25,000! Any pledge of $50 dollars guarantees you a copy if they happen to reach that goal, so make sure you head on over and check it out.

Special screenings of the Nintendo Quest will be played across the country due to mass amounts of pledges that keep rolling in. The film is currently set to screen in these locations:

Las Vegas, NV – June 2015
Beverly Hills, CA – June 2015
Columbus, OH – Summer 2015
DuBois, PA – Summer 2015
London, ON, Canada – Fall 2015
Portland, OR – October 2015

Some the rarer NES games can get pricey. Cartridges like the Nintendo World Championship can be sold for up to $20,000 dollars alone, and there’s a bunch of uncommon cartridges like Mega Man 6 can sell for $50. There’s a total of 709 licensed NES games in the United States, but a total of 822 if you count other regions and unlicensed games so it’s going to be a pricey adventure to accomplish, especially in the time limit of 30 days with no internet.

Wish these guys the best of luck and head on over to their Kickstarter, and drop a few bucks their way by February 9th in order to make sure they Bartlett defeats the hardest video game challenge he will ever have to face.