Massively hopes to rise from the dead with Kickstarter campaign


In one of the dumbest downsizing moves in recorded memory, AOL Inc. decided to summarily execute the entire Joystiq network, which includes sister sites Massively and WoW Insider. It was just as much of a shock to readers of the popular games media outlets as it was to the 150 staff members laid off with little notice. But Massively, at least, has no intention staying dead, taking to Kickstarter to resurrect the site as Massively Overpowered.


A note from Editor-in-Chief Bree “BreeToPlay” Royce:

As you might have read, AOL shuttered the entire Joystiq network this past week, taking down with it. We think that was pretty silly since our site was doing well in the MMO journalism space. And so the Massively staff has gone independent and reformed as Massively Overpowered. I wanted to pass along the important links and contacts for your address books, assuming you’d still like your games to be covered by the new site.

Our primary site URL is; we hope to be up and running fresh articles early next week.

We’re turning to Kickstarter funding for our startup; that’s just gone live today.

Thank you for all of your support over the years! We can’t wait to get back to work covering MMOs.


They may be our competitors, but if you’re interested in extensive coverage, passionate writing, and supporting the gaming community, we encourage you to help them reach their goal. Nothing would please us more than to see Massively spring from their shallow grave, middle fingers raised defiantly to the heavens, just in time to kick the shovel from AOL’s shaking, liver spotted hands.