Nintendo working with Netflix on The Legend of Zelda television series

The Wall Street Journal has learned that Nintendo and Netflix are working on a live action The Legend of Zelda television series. However, the project is still in the very early stages of development.

So early, in fact, that Netflix is still looking for writers to get some scripts going. The show is said to be a more family-friendly version of “Game of Thrones” and will presumably involve Link, Zelda, and the land of Hyrule. Maybe even Ganondorf would be involved. Or perhaps just Ganon. It’s all speculation for now, because no scripts have been written yet.

zelda animated

If the project comes to fruition, it wouldn’t be the first time that The Legend of Zelda appeared on television. A cartoon series based on the franchise ran for one season in 1989, but a live action version would probably be a bit more dramatic.

Hopefully it will be better than that live-action Nintendo movie from 1993, “Super Mario Bros.”

Although The Legend of Zelda on TV is still a long way from happening, fans of the game have probably been dreaming up something like this for an ever longer time.