TVGB’s Top 5 rated mobile games of 2014



Soon gamers will be playing their videogames OUTSIDE in the SUNLIGHT!!!
There, I said it!
Whether it be on their way to school, the bus to work or during lunch, gamers WILL BE PLAYING GAMES ON THE GO!!!

Mobile devices have exceeded expectations, turning non-gamers such as small children, teachers, parents, grandparents, CEO executives, YOU NAME IT, into mobile players. While I do not have exact statistics, I am sure that everyone who regularly uses a smart phone or tablet has some sort of mobile game app installed on it.

Now some may argue that mobile games are not true videogames, but heed not what these naysayers have to…say?  What constitutes a videogame if not a screen, controls and some kind of objective? Mobile gaming is upon us and you must prepare!

With that being said, I have compiled the Top 5 Mobile Games TVGB writers reviewed in 2014. Unfortunately we can’t review everything and many of these games were provided to us through their respective developers. So if you believe these games are not worthy of being called “The Best Mobile Games of 2014” do not worry. That’s not what this list is. This just covers the best games TVGB reviewed in 2014. So please redirect any rage/hate of this list towards the Mobile Game Naysayers protesting out front.

Thank You.


5. Hitman Go (9/10, iOS)

Play as Agent 47 in this on-the-go version of Hitman.

Kristen Spencer, TVGB’s very own Reviews Editor, called Hitman Go a game filled with “stealth, strategy, and above all murder.”

The game’s unique art style and interesting gameplay is what gave it a 9 out of 10 and placed it in the Top 5 of our mobile game review list.


4. Leo’s Fortune (9/10, Android)

I, Noe Ponce, actually reviewed this fun, puzzle platformer! You play as a sophisticated ball of fur toting a pretty phenomenal mustache who is on a quest to recover his stolen fortune.

Leo’s Fortune is easy to play, visually appealing and contains very challenging puzzle-filled environments.

It is also the only Android game that made the list. So Android players, Leo’s Fortune is for you.


3. FTL: Faster Than Light (9/10, iOS)

TVGB Senior Author, Albert Eres, describes FTL: Faster Than Light as a “roguelike, space-exploring, strategy game.”

That really does summarize this challenging iOS game. Originally a PC game, the iOS port brings with it a plethora of new content.

Check it out if sci-fi strategy is your thing. There is also talk of an Android version releasing in the future!


2. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2 (9.5/10, iOS)

As one of only two mobile games to get a near perfect score here on TVGB, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2 doesn’t fail to entertain.

Sorcery! 2 was keeping Cody Shults, TVGB’s former Editor-in-Chief, on his toes as he kept encountering trap after trap after trap in the interactive town of Kharé, The Cityport of Traps.

Cody loved Sorcery! 2 and said the game felt and played great on a touch screen. Pick it up today for a true “choose your own adventure” experience.


1. The Banner Saga (9.5, iOS)

For our top mobile game, we look at a review made once again by Kristen Spencer.

The Banner Saga greatly impressed many who got their hands on it. Kristen was no exception.

“[The] bleakly beautiful, Viking-inspired strategy title captured the attention of critics and gamers alike with its blend of punishing tactical combat, compelling story, and striking visuals.”

Turn based tactical combat, Vikings and a frigid environment. Kristen describes The Banner Saga as “Oregon Trail with more shields and spears.”

What could go wrong with that? Nothing.

This game was great on PC and only got better on iOS. Download this gem for a truly impressive mobile gaming experience.
Only then will you know the joy of being part of the MOBILE GAMING REVOLUTION!!!


So grab yourself a mobile device, check these games out and join the fight!


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