Pokemon offers chance to become trading card illustrator


Aspiring artists and fans of Pokemon from around the world will soon have to opportunity to compete to become an artist of everyone’s favorite trading card game franchise.

Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company announced an international art competition that will be hosted through their game Pokemon Art Academy via Miiverse. To compete, would-be artists will need a copy of the game and either a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS to submit their work.

The contest offers two categories to compete in: The first, titled “Dress-Up Pikachu”, challenges contestants to draw the lovable yellow mouse in a costume of their own design. The second category, titled “My Favorite Pokemon”, lets you draw your favorite Pokemon in all of their poke-glory.

The winning entries of both categories will be turned into real special edition Pokemon Trading Cards, and receive 100 of their own card to share with others.

The contest begins this Wednesday, February 18th, and will end March 29th, full contest rules and guidelines can be found here. Happy doodling!