New “Elite Membership” available for Indie store IndieGameStand

Online Indie-focused game store “IndieGameStand” has introduced its new Elite Membership program designed to make its market more efficient, and offer developers guaranteed sales and greater exposure. IGS adapted the game bundle framework in 2012 by offering players a new ‘handpicked’ game every 96 hours on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis. Now they’ve taken it further, offering gamers three levels of membership in which they can automatically receive an Indie game handpicked every four days for the duration of their membership (month, quarter, or year), as well as various other discounts on other games and merchandise.

For $14 you can enjoy a month’s subscription, while quarterly and annual subscriptions will set you back $29 and $99, respectively.


This model of subscription is a relatively novel idea. Though sites such as Humble Bundle have been offering bundles of games on a pay-what-you-want basis since 2010, IGS is possibly one of the first to use a structure which essentially sees players pay for unseen games. While this may sound risky to some, the site thrives on the creativity of the Indie developer, and will allow lesser known producers a wider audience. The subscription is essentially a method of keeping up with the site’s 96-hour deals, as site founder Mike Gnade has disclosed, describing “Elite Membership” as a “one-of-a-kind subscription service that offers something for everyone: great value for our most prolific customers, convenience for people who forget to check the site every four days for the newest spotlight game, and a new way for developers to hook up with potential customers.”

This shift will hopefully see more coverage of the flourishing Indie community that IndieGameStand has cultivated. Despite more and more product space being devoted to small-time independent developers, issues may still arise with overpopulation, with the Indie market increasing in competition as a result. Hopefully offering individuals unseen Indie games will not only increase the scope of developers’ audiences but also diversify players’ experiences through the creativity that pervades these titles.

Image Courtesy of: IndieGameStand