Total War: ATTILA is out now for PC!

Total War: ATTILA is Total Wars newest addition to the franchise and now available in stores and for digital download on the web.

The great warrior king of the barbarians, Scourge of God, Attila the Hun leads the charge against the Roman Empire. Teetering on the brink of destruction, the Romans are the last defense of civilization in the early medieval world. Now, from the east, Attila leads his armies from the steppes of Scythia against the weakened Roman Empire, with a thirst for conquest and a desire for glory.

Total War’s newest addition, ATTILA, brings new mechanics to the game that improve on a variety of systems from the previous games. Introducing the ability to utilize fire in battle like never before, and even to raze cities and regions and wipe them off the map entirely, ATTILA offers access to destruction the likes of which Total War has never seen. Core gameplay and UI are also improved on, making management of politics, family trees, cities, and technological progression more intuitive than in previous games.


Furthermore, Total War: ATTILA features the biggest and the baddest graphics to pull you into a nearly apocalyptic world. Watch the Roman Empire stand on the edge of oblivion in unrivaled detail. Period-specific details in the form of new technologies, arms and armaments, religion, and cultures will bring the start of the Dark Ages to life and will keep you engrossed for ages as you explore the extent of your power and control.

Will you stand in the boots of the great Attila, conquer Rome, and plunge the world into chaos – Or will you stand with the last vestiges of civilization and rally the Romans to stand once more, united, against the Scourge of God?

Now available on PC, check out or any of your local or online retailers for more information!