Dragon Quest Heroes heads West!


Dragon Quest fans in North America and Europe have just received some exciting news today.  Square Enix has just announced that Dragon Quest Heroes will be coming in 2015 exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in both a boxed set and digital download via PSN.  Dragon Quest Heroes is launching this week in Japan and will mark the first time in the series long history that it will be in the form of a full-scale action RPG.

In true Dragon Quest form, facing insurmountable odds, you must rise up against challenging swarms of enemies and conquer gigantic monsters in an exhilarating action RPG game.  Akira Toriyama has once again lent his talents to help create characters and monsters to populate the gigantic world of Dragon Quest Heroes in beautiful HD graphics

The general director and creator of Dragon Quest, Yuji Horii and Koichi Sugiyama, the composer closely tied to the series since its first installment and creator of countless musical masterpieces instilled in the memory of series fans, have also thrown their hat into the ring to help bring this much anticipated game to life.

A firm date hasn’t yet been set for the game’s release (at least, the folks over at Square Enix ain’t tellin’) but we at TVGB will have loads more details in the coming months, so be on the lookout here for all of the latest developments.  Excited yet?  I certainly am!