PREVIEW / Dream Of Mirror Online (PC)


Dream Of Mirror Online, also known as DOMO, is currently going under beta testing and I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to test the revived free-to-play MMO. The game is being rebooted by Suba Games and should be up and running in the upcoming months, but until then they will be doing all that they can to optimize the original experience of DOMO into something even more special. As a gamer I’ve had a lot of experience with a lot of popular MMO’s such as World of Warcraft, the Guild Wars series, and other types of RPG’s, so I was excited to see what type of experience a free-to-play MMO could give me.




The game runs off of a client like most MMO’s. From there you login and are given the option to create a character between races / classes. I was actually pretty impressed with the character creation system. There was a decent amount of detail that you could choose to change to make your character stand out amongst other players, and I’m sure there will be more to come with the official release of DOMO.

Once you enter the world you’re greeted with a small tutorial system of quests that tell you how to distribute your “attribute” points as you level character, fight mobs, and on how to use the mini-map. At first I was a bit confused because of how used I am to using the standard “W-A-S-D” to move my character, but in this game you point and click with the mouse in order to move your character. The mechanic grew on me once I realized how useful the mini-map was. A single click somewhere far away on the map auto-pilots your character to that side of the map which allowed me to explore areas with ease.




The combat system is super simplistic. It’s a matter of gearing your character with the quest rewards and loot that enemies drop, and running up to a mob and waiting for it’s HP to deplete completely. You can get better gear from quests by doing more than what the quest giver asks for. For example, my one quests asked me to beat down these flying pigs and bring back 7 of their drops, but I was also given the option to bring back more than 7 to gain more experience and loot for over achieving the requirements of the quest.

The game throws you right into the main city after you finish the beginning tutorial, and it looks gorgeous. The area is huge, thriving with online players, and you can really sense the great community that this game by seeing how other players group together within the city. Quest givers are spread throughout the city to challenge your skills, and you’ll learn which quests you can and cannot do by running into mobs that are clearly too strong for you take on, which forces you to upgrade your character and come back at a later time.




There’s a lot that I got from playing 6-7 hours of the DOMO beta, and it looks promising. My only complaint is that the U.I. can seem a little too much at times, and the graphics and be really buggy, but when I asked a GM about it they told me that they’re aware of the problem. Playing DOMO also reminded me that paying for an MMO should be extinct. Looking back I completely regret paying MMO subscriptions because it places a priority on that game to be the only thing you’re playing, and refusing to criticize it’s weaknesses. With DOMO you can get a super similar experience to any MMO out there, but it’s free to play and has an incredible charm. If you’re looking for a casual MMO to play with lots of depth then I strongly suggest you check out Dream Of Mirror Online and take it for a spin. You won’t be disappointed.