Bionik Monkey teams up with Operation Supply Drop to “Make Fun Where There is None”

When we talk about videogames and the United States armed forces, it’s usually regarding Call of Duty or some other first person shooter, but a military charity called Operation Supply Drop is giving videogame fans a chance to help their heroes in a non-virtual way.

The organization — which sends care packages full of consoles and games overseas in order to entertain the troops — is teaming up with videogame merchandise company Bionik Monkey to raise funds through the sale of caps, badges, shirts, and other swag. The campaign is called “Gamers March for Troops” and is taking place throughout the month of March. Read more about it here.

As Operation Supply Drop founder Steve Machuga describes in the video above, war in real life isn’t exactly as the entertainment world portrays it to be. There’s a lot of waiting and downtime involved. Soldiers could use a distraction from sitting around and wondering how their families are holding up without them. The ability to give the men and women of the armed forces some entertainment to take their mind off the battlefield is a great cause, and it makes “Gamers March for Troops” something worth supporting for those who are interested.

As the Operation Supply Drop tagline states, its goal is to “Make Fun Where There is None.” And it’s hard to think of a place that’s less fun than a war zone.