The forgotten Metal Gear game

With all of the excitement building for the next installment of Metal Gear V, I had to break out a few of the earlier games over the past couple of months in order to prepare. I know that this new game will be a totally new way to play in the Metal Gear universe, and will change everything, but the older games are still a blast to play.

So as I was finishing up the original MGS on my PS1 (awesome by the way), I remembered that I still had a copy of the forgotten Metal Gear Solid game for my Game Boy Color.


I had almost forgotten about this particular game, but once I popped it in, put on my headphones and cranked the volume, I quickly remembered how much fun it was to play. I wonder how many people missed out on playing it because it wasn’t released on a higher tech system? I wonder how many people missed out on it just because they didn’t know it existed?

This Metal Gear game, though graphically much more like the old NES games, has something that set it apart from them and made it much more worth playing through. It has an interesting, though bizarre story (what else would you expect), that unfolds through dialogue and cut scenes. And even though the GBC isn’t the most powerful machine, the developers did a great job of packing a gripping story and gameplay into the little 8-bit cartridge. It looks and feels like a MGS game, not a cheap cash-in game.

What makes MGS a fun game on any platform? The sneaking, the intrigue, the action and the crazy boss fights…at least that’s what I think about when I play a Metal Gear game. And even though this is a GBC game, it has all of the things that makes the other games great, just on a much smaller screen. There is even a color-based puzzle that takes advantage of the color capabilities of the GBC.

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There is fighting and shooting, but you are going to need to sneak a lot. You are not going to run and gun your way through this one. It has a pretty heavy story and even though it looks kid friendly, the story is fairly mature. And it isn’t the easiest game around.

If you aren’t used to playing old school games, you might want to give this one a pass. But if you love great games and a good story that takes place before Shadow Moses, this is the game for you.

So if you are trying to brush up on some last minute Metal Gear before the new game drops, give this one a try if you can find it. It is the forgotten game in the franchise, but in my opinion it was better than any of the other games released that weren’t numbered.

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