Guitar Hero Live trailer available following E3 stardom

With Harmonix’s return of Rock Band due out October 6th, Activision and FreeStyleGames have decided to chase the competition by unveiling a new trailer for its Guitar Hero Live. As we found out earlier this year, Guitar Hero Live will represent the world’s first official playable music video network. The game provides players 24 hours of access to a stream of music videos available to play along to.

The trailer reveals a lot about how the game will function, and exactly what you will get for your $99.99. It seems that the game offers two modes, one featuring real live crowds with recorded reactions and one based on the playable-music-video-network model we’ve been promised over these last few months. With access to hundreds of videos available at any ungodly hour you should decide to practice, and an advertised mix of genres and channels, TV mode looks like it’s taken player frustration with the repetition of the previous games’ mechanics on board.

Guitar Hero‘s ultimate sales pitch was always based around its competition, however. It wasn’t long before arcade versions of the point-based phenomenon that broke long standing friendships cropped up, so you’ll be pleased to note that both local and online multiplayer will be available from the get go.

The new set up is taking a different route around the notion of frequently updated, discover-as-you-play tracklists to Rock Band that offered paid DLC-type setlists. By operating as a constantly running network, the game will hopefully work as a party addition to a playlist. Sticking the music channels on TV and chilling with some friends will take a new turn if the game offers the opportunity to listen to songs you don’t particularly want to play. If you’re just listening to some music and suddenly your jam pops up, we can only hope you can just pick up your guitar and play along. That’s all speculation though, so we’ll really have to wait until October 20th and see how it plays out.