Path of Exile expansion “The Awakening” goes live on Friday, July 10th

Fans of Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile have a lot to feel excited over in the coming days. The free-to-play online action/RPG has a new expansion releasing on July 10th, and from what we can tell, it looks like a significant amount of content is in store. The expansion adds new story content, areas, bosses, classes, gear, skills, and more.

Path of Exile has been around since 2013. The game brings together Diablo II-influenced, top down dungeon crawly combat with online multiplayer elements; and sports a unique character build customization system to boot.

With “The Awakening” expansion, players can look forward to finally exploring areas outside Highgate. The expansion also adds a number of boss battles, as well as new classes of skills like Golem summoning and warcries. Players will be able to craft unique character builds with an even further degree of customization, as well as taking on Act IV of the game’s story. “The Awakening” will also come with two new challenge leagues to play in, as well as a new method of customizing your passive skill tree.

To see more of Path of Exile, check out its homepage; or you can give Grinding Gear Games a visit, as well.