Minecraft Jams will pump you up

DreamWorksTV and Minecraft Jams have produced a new series! The fun and corky series is titled PickAxe Tracks. It’s original music with 4D animation all combined together to make sidesplitting and amusing music videos for all ages. When I first started watching this video I thought it was a bit ridiculous and then I remembered that Minecraft has inspired an entire generation of kids. Today, this generation of kids is guaranteed to be surfing around the internet. Minecraft offers a sense of innocence that I thought was lost. DreamWorksTV and Minecraft Jams are collaborating together to make entertaining and witty music videos for younger generations.

Minecraft Jams

Some sexy dance moves from the new music video “Gold Digger”

Minecraft has become a global gaming phenomenon, with 20 million players worldwide and continues to make a positive impact on the children of this generation. DreamWorksTV is the ultimate lifestyle channel for kids and families. DreamWorksTV showcases laugh-out-loud and family-friendly programming, including animated web series featuring DreamWorks fan favorites, Shrek and Donkey, Puss in Boots, Po and more. Plus, original live-action series, kids Comedy, DIY videos and handpicked music are all accessible through any device at any time. DreamWorksTV produces work that provides a safe place for the kids in this digital generation. The new PickAxe Tracks series will be an excellent outlet where kids can go.

So get ready to bust-a-move with the Minecraft Jams.  Also keep an eye on the the Minecraft channel to keep up-to-date with all of the new and cool segments in this exciting series. This will be a fantastic channel for all ages to enjoy. Now that you are super pumped for the Minecraft jam session, check out the new video below, “Gold Digger.”