Scarface: The World Is Yours/ A hidden Wii gem

Okay, I know that the world has moved on, we are now literally two generations past the Nintendo Revolution…err, I mean Wii. But, I still find myself going back and playing games that I enjoyed in the past. I even look for games that I might have played on another platform and try the game on the Wii. Sometimes the clumsy motion controls actually make a game more fun.

This is where Scarface for the Wii steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park. First released for the PS2 and Xbox, this isn’t just a lazy port of a pretty decent game. This is a full-fledged reimagining of a game and it works better than it has any right to work. First of all, even though it is not in HD, the widescreen makes the experience much more cinematic and that’s just for starters.

The game picks up where the movie leaves off, only this time Tony lives to fight another day. But he’s broke, homeless and has to gain everything that was lost in the opening moments of the game, otherwise this would be a very short game indeed.

So you have to bully, kill and maim your way back to the top of the Miami drug kingpin world and have a little fun in the process. If you think that this game was toned down because it was released on a Nintendo platform, think again. In fact, I think that they added more f-bombs just to make this version more ridiculously over the top.

But what I really love about this game besides the open world and free roaming mayhem, is the control scheme. The Wiimote works exactly as it should. Allowing pretty precise aiming and shots that make you cringe in horror at the brutality and gore, but giggle just the same. It really is hours of fun, and though some of the missions can be repetitive, the 80’s soundtrack helps pass the time, and having your little Al Pacino doppelganger dancing in the club is priceless.

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