Vega claws his way into Street Fighter V

“He’s back… The man behind the mask…”
Y’know who sang that?… Alice Cooper.
Y’know who he was singing about?… Jason Voorhees.

You get both those questions wrong? Take comfort in the news that another masked man is, indeed, back as sexy Spaniard Vega has been officially revealed by Capcom as the newest addition to the evolving roster of the much-anticipated Street Fighter V, which recently had a troubled, but educational Beta.

The claw-sporting Vega (Balrog in Japan) is a veteran of the Street Fighter series, having been a high-ranking member of Bison’s Shadaloo syndicate since his debut way back in Street Fighter II. Though the fast and frenzied world warrior carries himself with poise and grace, his obsession with beauty and addictive blood lust make him one of the Street Fighter universe’ most dangerous and psychotic fighters.

The addition of Vega brings the roster of characters to nine of a confirmed sixteen. Capcom have plans to regularly add fighters to the game over its lifespan. Which is good, as none of my favourites have made the cut yet.

Street Fighter V is set for release on PC and Playstation 4 in March of 2016.