Destiny We Are Guardians


Calling all guardians! Destiny: The Taken King We Are Guardians trailer has arrived.  Whether we like it or not, Destiny: The Taken King is on its way.  With that said, let me take you back to September of 2014.  I was not excited for the newest FPS by Bungie but one of my dear friends convinced me to purchase this game called Destiny.  I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Destiny.  It has become one of those games that I actually love to hate and now I am 900 hours deep into this damn game. It is actually the most hours I have on any game from 2014, which honestly terrifies me. I always seem to describe Destiny as a bad habit that I can’t seem to quit.  I try to convince myself that the only reason I play Destiny is because of my friends and that I just want to go out and kill things with my buddies. But deep down inside, I know that I truly enjoy the gameplay and FPS mechanics of the game and I can’t forget the endless amounts of hours farming for every type of currency known in the galaxy.


Screen shots from The Taken King story mode

Although Bungie has made some bad choices that has left a very sour taste in my mouth, I keep coming back to raid, to compete in the Iron Banner and for some damn reason I still check every weekend to see if that jerk Xur has actually brought something useful. Bungie must be doing something right, because they have managed to make me and others truly addicted to playing this game, and I know I will be purchasing The Taken King.  Am I happy that I am going to be investing my hard earned money into The Taken King?  That is a question for Destiny philosophers and theorist to ponder about.  I am but meek and weak to this sick obsession that I call Destiny.


Screen shots from The Taken King crucible

Although I have mixed emotions about Destiny, I truly am excited for the release of The Taken King, which will hit shelves on September 15th of this year.  The new trailer titled We Are Guardians honestly looks stunning; I wouldn’t say my mind is blown, but it does make me pretty pumped for the game.  Although Bungie has made some pretty big mistakes with Destiny, I will always cherish the memories of raiding with my pals and rage quitting because Atheon won’t F**KING DIE! Or Crota basically ate all of my heavy ammo synthesis, and I will never forget farming at the sweet, sweet loot cave for hours and dancing with randoms.  Destiny has made its mark in the gaming world, good or bad, and gamers will always remember the monster that Bungie created.


Screen shots from The Taken King raid

Make sure to check out the new trailer below and remember guardians, we are in this fight together.