Rooftop Rampage: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer

It’s finally time to see Faith Connors return to her wall-running, jaw crunching ways in EA’s gameplay demo for the long awaited Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

The video reveals that the “don’t-call-it-a-sequel” follow-up to 2008’s tale of violence and vertigo will feature more of what Mirror’s Edge fans know and love. Namely fast-paced Parkour action, dizzying rooftop death-leaps, and high-flying fisticuffs. The narrative will showcase the origins of series protagonist Faith, and show her rise from prisoner of the state to freedom fighter for the people.




Mirror’s Edge was a semi-successful game that received mixed reviews, though it found its eventual calling within a dedicated fanbase of speed-runners. With Catalyst, developer Dice has redesigned the game’s close-combat system from the ground up, as well as writing an intricate narrative and creating a luscious, free-roaming world for Connors to traverse in the game’s expansive “City of Glass.”

I for one am particularly eager to get my hands on this title. Others may have balked at the predecessor, but I always had Faith.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be available February 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.