Blizzard reveals WoW: Legion expansion

Today’s Gamescom event saw Blizzard Entertainment take center stage for numerous franchise announcements, their showcase piece being the reveal of Legion, the latest expansion for the now 11-years-and-running MMO that is World of Warcraft.

This latest addition to the WoW universe, which is home to over 7 million subscribers, will feature a variety of exciting additions to the world, including new dungeons, a custom weapon system, and a new Demon Hunter class for the Blood Elves. The level cap is being raised to 110, and Legion’s narrative will see the return of time-honoured antagonist Illidan Stormrage. Blizzard also revealed a new location in the form of The Broken Isles, a shiny new continent for you to leave your characters standing idle in.

The trailer below shows off many of the expansion’s new features. So sharpen your pointy sticks, denizens of Azeroth, because there be trouble a ‘brewin’.

A beta for WoW: Legion will be launched, in true Blizz style, at some as yet undisclosed date.