REVIEW / Infinifactory (PC)


Down on your luck?
Not going anywhere in life?
Need to get away for a bit?


Then try getting enslaved hired by aliens!
No experience required!



As an obedient employee of the Infinifactory, your alien overlord upper management team will do their darnedest to work you to the bone. Literally. But don’t let that shy you away from this great opportunity to toil the rest of your life away, for free!



Your management team.


A successful Infinifactory employee with a high chance of not dying will OBEY and be skilled in the following:
  • Problem Solving/Creativity: Employees will be expected to OBEY and solve simple to complex puzzles as efficiently as possible. The less company materials you use to do it, the happier your alien overlords are. That means less dying for you!
  • Management Skills: Infinifactory employees not only OBEY but also create the factories they exhaust themselves in. A skilled worker will be able to BUILD and MANAGE various factories in a 3D, sandbox environment ruled by basic laws of physics.
  • Ability to Multitask: This position comes with many responsibilities. The ideal candidate must OBEY and build a factory capable of completing multiple puzzle solving objectives in perfect sync.
  • Comfortable with technology: Each Infinifactory employee will be given a company issued jetpack equipped with an unlimited amount of fuel and simple controls. These jetpacks are not toys but they will be your only companion on the job, so learn to use it well. OBEY.



infinifactory 2

An exotic asteroid locale.


Some travel required:  Employees who OBEY and not die, will  be relocated among the six Infinifactory facilities to complete more advanced tasks more suited to their proficiency at building with blocks. Some locations are beautiful. Others not so much.


Safety NOT guaranteed: Work related injuries such as death may occur while on the job. This frequently happens to bad worker units who do not OBEYInfinifactory is not responsible for any on-the-job accidents that happen to bad employees. If you see a bad employee on the ground, please review their Failure Log and learn from their mistake. Their death is your opportunity.



Bad employee who did not OBEY.

Job Description: New hires of Infinifactory will be utilizing the company’s highly advanced block technology through a surprisingly deep, story driven campaign. There are a plethora of different blocks and sci-fi movie worthy machinery worker units must must learn how to use. Employees will then build, fly and OBEY while attempting to solve more than 50 puzzles at various intergalactic Infinifactory facilities as efficiently as possible. This was previously stated but is a very important part of the job. There is usually always a way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce the number of blocks used. The lower those are, the better.



Some of the various blocks used.


The Alien Overload Upper Management encourages employees to work during their time off and as such, has integrated the Steam Workshop into their company’s infrastructure. Employees who OBEY and complete the campaign can utilize company resources to build factories and create puzzles for other workers to solve. Upper management does not mind this as it helps speed-up yearly employee evaluations.