REVIEW / Loot Crate (July 2015)


There’s no question that the past few months have had a lot of pretty awful Loot Crates.  The venerable subscription box made few people happy with its supposedly Marvel-themed shoelaces and inflatable crows.  Even I was considering dropping my subscription for a while. But even though I didn’t review it (I still don’t actually have it), June’s “Cyber” crate brought Loot Crate back to form. For July, they did a sequel to what I think is the best crate they’ve ever done: the Heroes crate. Promising items from DC, Star Trek, and even The Legend of Zelda, it looked like this might be one sequel to rival the original.  Let’s see what was included, shall we?


Batman Q-Pop Figure


It would have been nice if this was a Funko Pop figure like the last exclusive Batman figure (and the exclusive version of Groot in the original Heroes crate), but I won’t complain about a nice figure like this.  This one is also in a sort of chibi-style, featuring Batman brandishing a batarang atop a falcon head statue, which is presumably on top of a building. Exclusively for Loot Crate, this Batman sports a design based on Adam West in the classic television series.  It’s not quite as exciting or collectible as a Funko figure, but it’s really nice. The plastic is solid and the paint job is pretty much perfect. It also comes with a white board speech bubble, so you can make Batman say whatever you want. When you add in the fact that the normal Batman figure sells for more than the price of the crate, this is a great start.


Batarang Multi-Tool

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Continuing the Batman theme there’s also this clever metal tool, shaped like the Dark Knight’s signature weapon. It features a bottle opener, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a flat head screwdriver. There’s also a keyring, but let’s be honest; this is too big for your pocket. I keep mine in my wallet, which isn’t easy due to the size.  But in addition to looking quite cool, it does what it does very well.  The metal is fairly thick, so the tool won’t break easily, and it always impresses when I pull it out. The size may take a bit away from the functionality, but this exclusive is still an excellent inclusion.


Crest of Hyrule Sweatband


I knew that the Legend of Zelda item wouldn’t be substantive; I’ve learned to read between the lines of their announcements. They said there would be a “wearable,” and this is pretty much what I expected. But even though a bigger Zelda item would be nice, there’s nothing wrong with this sweatband. It’s black and features the Hylian crest in gold. It did “shed” on me the first couple of times I wore it, but now it doesn’t give me any trouble. It fits comfortably, and works fine as a sweatband. I’m not much of a sweatband person, but I still wear it with pride as a Zelda fan.


Regrettable Superheroes Hardcover Book


Loot Crate also teased an exclusive hardcover book in this month’s crate, and it does fit the theme.  This book shows and discusses a great number of actual comic book superheroes that are hilariously terrible. It’s a great book, but there’s just one problem: it’s actually just an abridged version of the full book. The full version features many more heroes, as well as all of the ones in the Loot Crate version. So if you’re interested enough to buy the full version, this is pointless.  I still like it though; I don’t see myself getting the full book, so this works fine for me.


Brawlhalla Exclusive Costume and Beta

This month’s digital offering doesn’t seem particularly interesting at first: it’s just a code for an alternate character skin in a free to play game.  It’s exclusive, which is nice, but not too exciting.  Fortunately, there is more to it. For some reason, the card doesn’t mention this, but the game is in closed beta at the moment. This code, in addition to unlocking the costume, also gives Looters entry into the beta. Brawlhalla is a PC game that plays very similarly to Super Smash Bros. The characters are all original, and most look very cool. We’ll have plenty more to say when the game is released, I’m sure.


Star Trek Air Freshener


No Loot Crate can be all good; there’s always at least one cheap item to round out the box.  Fortunately, there’s just one this time; everything else is pretty awesome. This air freshener is shaped like the Vulcan salute from Star Trek and…that’s pretty much it, really. It works well, so it’s useful if you need an air freshener. Other than that, there’s not much to say.


Wonder Woman Poster


This is another cheap item, but it’s a good one.  Based on DC’s “Bombshells” line of figures, it features a 40s-style Wonder Woman as Rosie the Riveter.  It’s somewhat small, but very high quality and a very good design.  As a fan of both superheroes and that World War II era aesthetic, I will proudly hang this poster up on my wall.  Again, there’s not too much to say about it; it’s a nice poster, and it’s a step above most of the cheap items in Loot Crates (I’m looking at you, air freshener).

While it doesn’t top the original Heroes, this is easily one of the best Loot Crates they’ve sent out. The figure is top notch, the Batarang tool is cool and useful, the book is very entertaining, and even the sweatband is cool (because it’s Zelda themed). I doubt all future Crates will be this good, but I do have high hopes for this month. After Heroes came Villains, and after Heroes 2 comes Villains 2.  The August crate will feature another exclusive DC figure, some sort of Marvel item, and some manner of unique wearable. If you want to get your own Loot Crate every month, go to and sign up for $13.95 per month, with other bundles available. You’ll need to click fast if you want to get this month’s crate.