Mucha Lucha: R. Mika returns in Street Fighter V


The upcoming Street Fighter V‘s character roster has been bolstered by Capcom’s recent announcement that Rainbow Mika, fun-loving luchadora, will be making her long-awaited return to the franchise.

Mika, who made her one and only appearance in the excellent Street Fighter Alpha 3, has been a rabidly requested character for many years, with throngs of fans calling for her appearance in USFIV, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and even the ill-fated Street Fighter x Tekken. But it looks like her adoring public finally have reason to rejoice as the happy-go-lucky wrestling lass will be stepping back in the ring as part of the game’s now ten-strong launch roster.

Mika will fight alongside her tag-team partner Nadeshiko, using her high-flying technical abilities and personal endowments to deliver colorful beatdowns on all and sundry. Mika is also aided by her V-Skill maneuver, which showcases her fantastic microphone work. No, really. R. Mika looks like she will be a ton of fun to play as, and is showing no signs of ring rust at all, despite her time spent away from the legendary series.

Street Fighter V is undergoing testing of its online capabilities. The current Beta runs from today until September 2nd and is open to PS4 players who have pre-ordered the game, ahead of its official release in March 2016.